Условие задания:

Read the text "Smart shopping".
As the festive period approaches, more and more customers are expected to go shopping with their tablet or smartphone. Many people plan to use their devices to locate stores, compare prices and make purchases.  Nearly half of consumers in the U.S admit to showrooming. This is when customers visit a store to see and touch products and then order them on-line, often at a cheaper price. To combat this, smart retailers are offering discounts and allowing customers to order on-line and pick up their goods in store. Nevertheless, in the US, 40 % of shopping happens while people are sitting on the couch in front of the TV, or even in bed.
Write correct or incorrect.
1. Many people don’t plant to compare prices and make purchases.
2. Showroom is a place where you can see shows.
3. 40 % of shopping happens while people are at work.

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