Условие задания:

Listen to the dialogue "Character changes". Maria talks about what she would consider changing about her personality.

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Write the words into the gaps:
1. Maria: I would like to be   for school because I am not that much of a stay-at-home-all-nigh- to-study person.
2. Maria: That wasn't supposed to happen. I can't help it. There was a guy in my school, I don't know the guy, he's probably in his forties, who   and it was just impossible for me to say go away so I ended up giving him my phone number and now he calls me every night at half past twelve on my phone which is very loud and very annoying.
3. Maria: I would not mind finding a nice guy. I would not at all. I don't know about the specifics and I'm not even sure I can handle   , maybe I just want to meet somebody to try and work it out with but that's probably not the most important thing because I love where I live, I love my study, I don't have a job and that's really nice.

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