Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue and answer the multiple-choice questions that follow.
New Home Theater System
Derek: Would you like to see my new home theater system?
Ken: I'd love to. I'm an audiophile - and I love HD TV.
Derek: Then you're going to love my system. I've got surround sound speakers, an incredible receiver, and a 52-inch flat screen LCD.
Ken: I'm green with envy! Put something on!
Derek: How about a movie? Something with lots of action. Let me just turn up the volume a bit...there. What do you think? (watching the movie)
Ken: That's amazing. The picture is so clear! Even when there is a lot of movement, the picture is hardly pixelated at all.
Derek: I know. Isn't it great? How do you like the sound?
Ken: Pretty good. It seems a bit muffled in the bass, though.
Derek: Just a second, I'll tweak the balance.
Ken: Ah, that's better. The bass is much more distinct now.
Derek: Isn't the color saturation superb?
Ken: I'll say it is. I bet golf looks incredible on this TV.
Derek: Ah, you appreciate golf do you?
Ken: I love watching golf on TV. Especially in high definition.
Derek: I think there may be a tournament on now. Just a sec, I'll switch to cable.
Ken: I think it's on channel 806.
Derek: Nope, not there. Let me change channels.
Ken: There, on 808. Wow! You can see the blades of grass.
Derek: I love this system!
Ken: What do you do if it's late at night? You can't listen to this system if your children are sleeping.

Derek: That's not a problem. I just plug my headphones into this jack. Problem solved.
Ken: Speaking of headphones, I bought a pair of earbuds for my mp3 player last week.

Derek: How are they?
Ken: Pretty good. The bass isn't too bad, but the treble is crystal clear.
Derek: I need to get a new CD player for my system.
Ken: Why? You can just put your CDs onto the DVD player, they'll play.
Derek: Really? I didn't know that.
Ken: Come on, you're the proud owner of the latest home stereo system and you didn't know that?
Derek: I'm embarrassed.
Ken: You should be!
1. What did Derek get?
2. What does Ken say about the picture?
3. What does Ken especially like watching on HDTV?