Условие задания:

Read the text "The timber wolf".
The timber wolf belongs to the dog family. It has got long legs, a long tail and long, sharp teeth. It is grey, brown or black. The timber wolf is about 1/5 metres long, 76 cm tall and weighs 44 kilos.
It lives in the USA, Canada, China, Russia and Greece, and it lives for about ten years. The timber wolf eats animals of all sizes. It eats big animals, such as deer, as well as small animals, like rabbits and mice.
Write yes or no.
1. The timber wolf belongs to the tiger family.
2. The timber wolf lives only in Japan.
3. The timber wolf can’t eat big animals.
Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans. Blockbaster 1- Express Publishing: Newbury, 189p.

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