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3 Б.
Read the text "Learning is fun".
A school is a place where people learn from a teacher and from each other as well! A school can be in a room or in any kind of building. It can even be in the open air. Schools are not the same in all countries.

Let’s take a look around the world.
Hasan is nine years old. He is from Kashmir, India. “This is a picture of my school. It is outdoors. There is a blackboard outside, but there aren’t any chairs. We have our lessons in the open air every day.
Emma is English. She is ten years old. “I have my lessons in a big classroom. There are pictures on the walls. In this photo I am at my desk with my friends.”
Marc is eight years old and he is from Holland. His home is on a boat. He and his family are always in different places. “My school is on a boat. It’s fun. Some days there is no school at all”.
Write true, false, doesn't say:
1. Hasan has many brothers.
2. Hasan says that they have lessons in the open air every day.
3. Marc doesn’t like Maths.

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