Key Words:
to take evaluation tests, to place in the proper level, according to, assign, to attend classes, to require, to receive a passing grade, to receive a certificate, to advance to the next level, to cheat.

To take evaluation tests - пройти тестирование;
to place in the proper level - определить на соответствующий уровень;
according to - согласно, в соответствии;
to assign - определить;
to attend classes - посещать занятия;
to require - требовать;
to receive a passing grade - получить переходной балл;
to receive a certificate - получить сертификат (документ об образовании);
to advance to the next level - перейти на следующий уровень;
to cheat - списывать (на экзамене, на контрольной работе).

Read the text and be ready to answer the questions given in the tasks.

ELTI Regulations
(an extract from Student's Handbook).

          During the orientation week, new students at ELTI (English Language Training Institute) take evaluation tests that will be used to place them in the proper level for their classes. Returning students are placed according to their exit exams, grades and teacher recommendations. If possible, ELTI will avoid assigning returning students to the same teacher for the same subject. If there are enough students for two sections of a class, students will usually be assigned so that each class has balance of students from different language backgrounds. The first day of class is used for "second-day testing", where all students are tested again to make sure they are in the correct level. After classes begin, teachers may recommend that incorrectly placed students be moved, but students may not change sections in the same level.
          Attending all your classes is important because you can speak and listen to your teacher and classmates, ask questions, and learn many things about English and US culture. Missing class means missing important information. You should attend all classes, but ELTI requires that each student attend at least 80% of his or her classes to receive a passing grade. If you miss 20% or more of your class, you will automatically fail it. To attend ELTI the next semester, you must write a letter explaining why you missed so many classes. A committee of teachers and the director will decide if you may continue. You may not return to ELTI if you fail two semesters in a row. It is your responsibility to follow this policy. Punctuality is also a must. Classes begin on time. If you arrive late, you may be marked absent.
          You must complete all assignments on time. Each instructor will tell you the assignment policy at the beginning of each term. It is your responsibility to follow your teacher's policy. Copying the words or ideas of other people is called plagiarism and is a serious offence in ELTI and elsewhere in the US. Cheating is also a very serious matter in academic work. If you plagiarize or cheat, you will fail the test or assignment.
          Students receive grades at midterm and at the end of the term. Students who have a passing grade in all courses will receive a certificate. Students must successfully complete all of the work in every course to advance to the next level. Students with two semesters of failing grades will be asked not to return to ELTI.

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