Key Words:
play; musical; ballet; opera; performance; to perform on stage; cast; audience; to clap; stage; aisle; curtains; to be set (=take place); theatre-goer; the theatre (BRITISH); the theater (AMERICAN); cast (n singular) - all the actors who act in a play (After the play, there was a big party for the cast.); drama - plays in general, especially when they are considered as a form of literature.

Cast - театральная труппа,
theatre-goer - театрал,
aisle - проход.

Useful Expressions:
to book/reserve the tickets in advance (some time before the actual performance);
to go to the theatre and watch a play being performed (haven't been to the theater for a long time);
strong cast (when all the actors in a play are very good).

To book the tickets in advance - заранее заказать билеты.


Key Words:
screen, to show on screen, subtitles, to dub, films are set, director, star, western, action film, war film, horror film, science fiction film, comedy, thriller, moving, violent, powerful, gripping, good fun.

Screen - экран,
subtitles - субтитры,
to dub - дублировать,
films are set - действие фильмов происходит,
director - режиссер,
star - кинозвезда.

Plays are performed on stage, films are shown on screen. In your country, films in English are either shown with subtitles (there is a translation across the bottom of the screen), or they are dubbed (the English is removed and replaced by actors speaking in your own language).

Films are set (take place) in many different periods and places, e.g. Room With a View is set in the early part of the 20th century; Blade Runner is set in the future. And when people talk about films, they often talk about the director, e.g. Spielberg, Bertolucci; and the stars, the most important actors and actresses, e.g. Tom Hanks and Jodie Foster.

Types of Films:
western - a film about America in the 19th century, often with cowboys and Indians;
war film, e.g. Born on the 4th of ]uly;
action film, e.g. Indiana Jones;
horror film, e.g. Dracula, Frankenstein;
comedy - a funny film that makes you laugh;
science fiction film - about the future;
thriller - an exciting story often about a crime.

Western - вестерн,
action film - фильмы подобные - "Индиана Джонс",
horror film - фильм ужасов,
science fiction film - научно-фантастический фильм,
thriller - триллер,
moving - трогательный,
violent - жестокий,
powerful - мощный (оказывающий сильное эмоциональное влияние),
gripping - захватывающий,
a good fun - увлекательный.

Describing plays and films.
Journalists write articles in which they give their opinion of new films and plays. They are called critics, and their articles are called reviews. These are some words they may use: moving - producing strong emotions, often of sadness; a positive word; violent - includes lots of scenes with fighting and death; powerful - has a big effect on our emotions; gripping - exciting and very interesting; a good fun - used to describe a film that may not be very serious or important but is enjoyable.

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