Key Words:
hobby - an activity that you do regularly in your free time;
active kinds of rest: clubbing, traveling, doing sports, hiking, camping, rock climbing, hunting, jogging;
a typical hobby: sport, reading, watching TV, listening to music, collecting, playing; chess/computer games, take photos, paint, draw.

Hiking - пеший туризм;
camping - отдых на природе,в палатке;
rock climbing - скалолазание, альпинизм;
hunting - охота;
jogging - бег трусцой.

Useful Expressions:
to have much free time, to be a couch potato, to share one's hobby/activity with, to be connected with, to be somebody's fan, can't stand, prefer, go cycling, go sailing/climbing/skiing etc., have a party, go for a walk, do gymnastics/judo.

To be a couch potato - быть лежебокой,
to be connected with... - быть связанным с...,
can't stand - не выносить чего-либо.

Hobbies are activities that we do in our spare time (=free time).
Note: people join clubs (=become members of clubs) where they can play cards and chess.

Things people play:
cards, board games, chess; musical instruments: guitar, piano, violin, saxophone.

Things people collect:
coins, stamps, model cars, dolls, etc.

Active kinds of rest:
hiking, camping, rock climbing, hunting, jogging.

With these hobbies we can use two different verbs, go and do. For example: we often go camping in the summer; I do a bit of/ a lot of rock climbing in the summer.

Creative hobbies:
Caroline makes her own clothes (she makes clothes for herself; she doesn't buy them). Barbara likes photography. Brigit is mad about (=really likes) DIY (=do-it-yourself).

Note: When we start a hobby for the first time we often use the phrasal verb take up, and when we stop doing the hobby for the final time, we often use the phrasal verb give up.
I took up golf when I was fifteen, but I gave it up last year. (Я занялся гольфом, когда мне было 15 лет, но я бросил это увлечение в прошлом году).

Free Time.

When you stay at home:

Stay in (to stay at home and not go out):
"Do you want to go and see a movie tonight, or shall we stay in?"
"I usually stay in when there's school next day."

Watch television/watch TV:
"Did you go out last night?"
"No, we stayed in and watched TV."

Listen to music:
Sometimes I like just to sit in my room and listen to music.

Play computer games:
"Where's Fran?"
"Up in her room playing computer games."

I spend a lot of my free time reading.
She enjoys reading science fiction novels

Get a video (to rent a film to watch on your own television):
"Let's get a video. How about that new Bruce Willis movie?"

Get a takeaway (BRITISH)/ get takeout (AMERICAN) (to buy food from a restaurant and take it home to eat):
I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's get a takeaway.

When you go to the cinema, a restaurant, a club etc.:

Go out (to go out of your house and go to a restaurant, cinema, club etc):
"Did you go out last night?"
"Yeah, We went to that new Mexican restaurant on 4th Avenue."

Go out to dinner/lunch, also go out for a meal (BRITISH) (to go to a restaurant and have a meal):
It was Ellen's birthday, so we went out to dinner.

Go to the cinema (BRITISH) go to the movies (AMERICAN) (to go and watch a film):
Do you want to go to the movies tonight? We haven't been to the cinema for ages.

Go to a concert (to go to listen to people playing music):
We went to a concert of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". I go to lots of pop concerts.

Go to a gig (to go to listen to a band - people who play popular music):
"I'm going to a gig tonight."
"Who are you going to see?"
"The Smashing Pumpkins."

Go clubbing/go to a club (to go to a place where you can dance and drink until late at night):
Michelle always goes clubbing on Friday night.

Go to a cafe/a bar/a pub (to go to a place where you can drink and talk to your friends):
On Friday we usually go to a bar after work.

Talking about your free time:

What do you do in your free time (when you are not working or studying)?

I like.../I enjoy... /I'm (really) into...:
I like playing volleyball.
Most of all, I enjoy going to jazz (I like or enjoy something very much).

I'm into all sports, especially tennis and basketball.
Simon's started learning Spanish, and he's really into it

In my free time/spare time:
In my free time, I'm learning.

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