When you are getting ready to answer this topic you'd better work according to the following plan.

  • Name of the place / country you were born in.
  • Its location.
  • How old it is.

    Main part.
  • Size of the place.
  • Population.
  • Jobs.
  • Buildings.
  • Transport.
  • Shops.
  • Education.
  • Industries.
  • Entertainment.

  • Opinions (your own /official /your relatives and friends).

Key Words:
geographical position, population, climate, weather, the West, the East, the North, the South, a plain, sleet, rain, conifers, larch, mountains, area, semi-desert, island, government, to rule, to elect, to vote, an urban country, to border, symbol.

Geographical position - географическое положение,
population - население,
climate - климат,
weather - погода,
the West - Запад,
the East - Восток,
the North - Север,
the South - Юг,
a plain - равнина,
sleet - дождь со снегом /мокрый снег,
rain - дождь,
conifers - хвойные,
larch - лиственница,
precipitation - осадки /выпадение осадков,
mountains - горы,
area - площадь /географ. зона,
semi-desert - полупустыня,
island - остров,
government - правительство,
to rule - управлять /править,
to elect - выбирать (на пост /должность),
to vote - голосовать,
urban - урбанистический /городской,
to border - граничить,
symbol - символ.

Useful Expressions:
to be proud of, to be held in, in the West/South/East/North, to be connected with, to vote for, to be founded in/by, to be signed by, to consist of, to be rich in, to belong to somebody, to be headed by, to play an important role in.

To be proud of - гордиться чем-то,
to be held in - проводиться в,
in the west /south /east /north - на западе /юге /востоке /севере,
to be connected with - быть связанным с,
to vote for - голосовать за,
to be founded in /by - быть основанным в /кем-то,
to be signed by - быть подписанным кем-то,
to consist of - состоять из,
to be rich in - быть богатым чем-то,
to belong to somebody - принадлежать кому-то,
to be headed by - возглавляться кем-то,
to play an important role in - играть важную роль в,
to be inhabited by - быть населенным кем-то.

The given text is a sample text and we recommend you to use it while getting ready with your own stories on the topic.


          Russia, which is also officially called the Russian Federation, stretches over the continents of Europe and Asia, from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east and from the icy Arctic Ocean to the warm shores of the Black and Caspian seas. About 25 per cent of Russia is in Europe and the rest is in Asia. Covering about a ninth of the world's land area, Russia is the world's largest country and it is nearly twice the size of Canada, the second largest country.
          Russia includes nine time zones. At breakfast time in Moscow, it is already late afternoon in Vladivostok in the Far East.
          The western part of Russia lies in the North European plain. Russia's largest cities, Moscow and St.Petersburg, are in this region. There are more people living in this region than in any other part of Russia, and most of Russia's industries are here as well.
          The plains end at the uplands of the Ural Mountains, to the east of which is the Asian part of Russia, the region of Siberia.
          Most of Russia has long, cold, snowy winters and warm or hot summers. The precipitation (rain, snow, sleet and other forms of moisture) is generally light and some parts of the southwest and northeast have a dry climate whereas the European plains in the west and the mountain regions throughout Russia have greater precipitation.
          The far north is a frozen, treeless plain, which meets the Arctic Ocean. This is the Tundra. In summer, only the top few centimetres of soil thaw; below that lies the permafrost, the ground that never thaws. South of the Tundra, is the world's largest forest, the Taiga, where there are mainly conifers, such as Siberian larches. South of the forests are grasslands, called the Steppes, and in the far south, there is semi-desert and mountains.
          Most of European Russia is a flat or gently rolling countriside. The Caucasus Mountains are in the south, and Russia's highest point, Mount Elbrus is here.
          The longest river in Europe, the Volga, is in Russia. It flows through western Russia and empties into the Caspian Sea. The Volga has many tributaries and canals, which link the Arctic Ocean and the Baltic Sea. There are several large rivers in Siberia, such as the Ob, the Enisey, and the Lena.

Рекомендации к теме

Цель изучения темы 9 "My Motherland. The Place I Was Born" заключается в развитии у Вас навыков разговорной речи, чтобы Вы могли свободно рассказывать о стране, в которой Вы родились.
Для изучения темы необходимо использовать теоретический материал в виде ключевых слов, выражений и примерного плана, которым Вы можете пользоваться при составлении рассказа о своей Родине. Текст "Russia" дается как пример такого рассказа.

Значения ключевых слов и выражений Вы должны знать наизусть и ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО использовать их при выполнении заданий.

Задания к данной теме включают в себя упражнения как на знание ключевых слов и выражений, так и на развитие разговорных навыков, умение рассказать о своей Родине.