Key Words:
to be injured, to recover, a stable, suffering, to whisper, the owner, wild, to damage, to get better, to have an accident, reluctantly.

To be injured - пораниться, получить травму;
to recover - поправиться;
a stable - стойло, конюшня;
suffering - страдание;
to whisper - шептать;
the owner - владелец;
wild - дикий;
to damage - повредить;
to get better - поправиться;
to have an accident - попасть в аварию;
reluctantly - неохотно.

Read the text and be ready to answer the questions given in the tasks.

The Horse Whisperer
(by Nicholas Evans).

About the author and the book.

Nicholas Evans, who was born in 1950, wrote The Horse Whisperer in 1995. He got the idea for the story when he was told about a man who could calm wild horses simply by talking softly to them. Tom Booker -'the horse whisperer' in Evans's novel - possesses the same skill.

          Annie and Robert McClean live in New York. They have a thirteen-year-old daughter, Grace. Grace has a riding accident in which she and her beloved horse, Pilgrim, are seriously injured. When neither Grace nor Pilgrim is able to recover from the accident, Annie asks the help of Tom Booker, a man who cures troubled horses and who lives on a ranch in Montana, USA. When Tom comes to see Pilgrim, he says that the horse is too badly damaged for him to help. However, Annie still feels that Grace will only get better if her horse recovers. She takes them both across America to Montana, where she contacts Tom, who very reluctantly agrees to look at the horse again.
          Tom could hear Pilgrim kicking the door of the old stable.
          The horse looked worse than he remembered. How could he even stand when his front leg was so thin? But here he was, kicking like a wild animal.
          Tom drove from the stable to Annie's house and pushed the bell. He was surprised at the angry face of the girl who answered the door.
          As Tom followed Grace into the sitting room, he noticed her leg and her stick. The television was on and Grace sat down in front of it. Tom knew that she wanted him to feel unwelcome.
          "Listen," she said. "I don't know if she's told you but I don't want to know anything about this. It was all her idea. I think it's crazy. They should just let Pilgrim die."
          At that point, Annie came in from the hall.
          "Well," Tom began, "he's in a bad state."
          He didn't know how he was going to tell her the bad news. Then, over her shoulder, he saw Grace. She was trying to look uninterested but he knew she was listening. Suddenly it became clear how the three of them - the mother, the daughter and the horse - were all joined in suffering. If he could help the horse, perhaps he could help them all.
          He heard himself say, "Perhaps we could do something."
          Annie's eyes shone with hope.
          "I said perhaps, but I need to know something first. It's a question for Grace."
          Grace looked at him.
          "I can only help a horse if the owner is there. I'm still not sure I can do anything with old Pilgrim. But I'll try if you help me. Do you have a problem with that, Grace?"
          There was no answer from Grace. She left the room.
          Tom turned to Annie. "Right, I have to go now."
          "Wait! What does she have to do?"
          "Just be there. Help me."
          He was on his way out when he saw Grace standing in the doorway of the sitting room. She said something softly without looking at him.
          "I'm sorry? What was that?"
          "I said OK. I'll do it"

Рекомендации к теме

Работая с текстом, прочитайте ключевые слова и убедитесь, что Вы их знаете. Если Вы знаете не все слова, найдите значения незнакомых слов в словаре.

Читая текст первый раз, постарайтесь понять основное содержание текста. Читая текст второй раз, вникайте в детали. Убедившись в том, что Вы хорошо поняли текст, приступайте к выполнению заданий.

Цель заданий - проверить насколько внимательно Вы читали текст и поняли его содержание, а также могли высказать свое мнение по данному вопросу.