Key Words and Useful Expressions.

What are the teens' problems? What problems do young people face today? How do you feel about teens' problems?

I find them..., urgent, important, serious, awful, shocking, difficult to solve, interesting to discuss, useless to discuss, family problems, personal problems, school problems, violence, cruelty, drug addiction, drinking problems, poverty, discrimination, loneliness, parents' expectations are too high.

What are the teens' problems? - Какие у подростков проблемы?
What problems do young people face today? - C какими проблемами сталкиваются сегодня подростки?
How do you feel about teens' problems? - Как вы относитесь к проблемам подростков?

I find them - я считаю их;
urgent - неотложными;
important - важными;
serious - серьезными;
awful - ужасными;
shocking - шокирующими;
difficult to solve - трудными для решения;
interesting to discuss - интересными для обсуждения;
useless to discuss - бессмысленными для обсуждения;
family problems - семейные проблемы;
personal problems - личные проблемы;
school problems - школьные проблемы;
violence - насилие;
cruelty - жестокость;
drug addiction - наркотическая зависимость;
drinking problems - пристрастие к алкоголю;
poverty - бедность;
discrimination - дискриминация;
loneliness - одиночество;
parents' expectations are too high - родительские ожидания слишком высоки.

What do young people worry about?

In my opinion...; personally, I think that...; if you ask me...

In my opinion - по моему мнению;
personally, I think that - лично я думаю, что;
if you ask me - Если Вы спросите меня.

Who can help?

Teenagers themselves, parents, adults, school, the Government.

Who can help? - Кто может помочь?

Teenagers themselves - сами подростки;
parents - родители;
adults - взрослые;
school - школа;
the Government - правительство.

How to help?

Teenagers should..., adults should..., think about..., care about..., be free to decide..., forbid... to..., allow... to..., give more rights to..., send... to prison, help to overcome difficulties.

How to help? - Как помочь?

Teenagers should - подросткам следует;
adults should - взрослым следует;
think about... - думать о...;
care about... - заботиться о...;
be free to decide - быть свободными в принятии решений;
forbid... to... - запрещать кому-то что-то делать;
allow... to... - разрешать кому-то что-то делать;
give more rights to... - дать больше прав кому-то;
send... to prison - сажать в тюрьму;
help to overcome difficulties - помогать преодолевать трудности.

What are teens' life ambitions?

They want to..., enjoy life, be independent, express their individuality, do well at school, earn money, rebel against the society, change the world to the best, be taken seriously, have the right to..., have a chance to... .

Enjoy life - наслаждаться жизнью;
be independent - быть независимыми;
express their individuality - выражать свою индивидуальность;
do well at school - хорошо учиться в школе;
earn money - зарабатывать деньги;
rebel against the society - выражать протест против общества;
change the world to the best - изменить мир к лучшему;
be taken seriously - быть серьезно воспринятым;
have the right to... - иметь право на;
have a chance to... - иметь шанс на.

Why do young people start smoking /drinking /taking drugs?

...get depressed and upset, ...are treated badly, ...are not taken seriously, ...force, to feel lonely, to escape from one's problems, to be under stress.

...get depressed and upset - впадают в депрессию и расстраиваются;
...are treated badly - с ними плохо обращаются;
...are not taken seriously - к ним несерьезно относятся;
...force - насильно заставить кого-то сделать что-то;
to feel lonely - чувствовать себя одиноким;
to escape from one's problems - убежать от проблем;
to be under stress - быть в стрессовой ситуации /испытывать стресс.

Do you always understand your parents? Do they understand you? What are the reasons for misunderstanding?


Misunderstanding - непонимание.

Do you think that friction between young people and their parents is inevitable? Why?

Friction, inevitable.

Friction - трение (здесь: в человеческих отношениях);
inevitable - неизбежный.

What are the reasons for conflict and friction?

Generation gap.

Generation gap - проблема "отцов и детей".

The given text is a sample text and we recommend you to use it while getting ready with your own stories on the topic.

Young People's Problems.

          It's common knowledge that youth is the best time of your life, that being young means romance, love, new discoveries and so on. But it is also the most difficult time because you have to make some very important decisions, which will influence all your future life.
          Things are not easy nowadays even for adults, but for teenagers who have to find their own place in society, they are even more difficult. For your future it is essential to have a good job. And to get a really good job you have to be well educated. So there is a problem of choice, but a great part of young people are far from knowing what exactly they would like to do in their future.
          But even if you have already made your choice and are studying somewhere, you need some money of your own. Your parents will probably provide you with home, food and necessary clothes, but it's obvious that you have your own tastes, and your parents won't pay for them. To pay for extra clothes, tapes, books, things necessary for your hobbies, you have to work, and in our country it is very difficult for a teenager to find a job without any qualification.
          Emotional problems for young people can be far more serious than financial ones. The typical teenager problem is that "nobody understands me". The parents often continue to treat their teenage children as if they were infants when the latter probably consider them to be almost grown up.
          And from this it follows a problem of a generation gap. Old people are always saying that the young are not what they were. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true, but it has never been truer than it is today. The young are better educated and informed because of the media. They have a lot more money to spend and enjoy more freedom. They grow up more quickly and not so dependent on their parents. They think more for themselves and don't blindly accept the ideals of their elders. Traditionally, it was that young people turned to their elders for guidance. Today, the situation might be reversed: the old could learn a thing or two from their children. And if a compromise settlement is made then there won't be any generation gap.
          Youth is also a time to meet your first love. It is, of course, wonderful, but, as it is widely known that first love often has an unhappy end, this also increases young people's problems. Even friends can't always stay friends. When young people begin to understand themselves a little bit better, old friends sometimes just go apart.
          Then there is one more problem that has become very urgent nowadays. It's a problem of taking drugs. Information received from opinion polls is saying that more than half of Russian teenagers have ever tasted drugs. Nevertheless there are many ways of keeping away from it. One of them is organized sport, which changes young people's world-outlook and prevents them from the fatal temptation.
          As you see, it is very difficult to be young nowadays, as, indeed, it always was. But you can be young only once, and some wonderful things can happen only when you're young. So, it is better to enjoy your youth while it lasts.

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