Key Words:
a famous person, to be born, to give civil rights to, violent, non-violent, to support, equal rights, to be awarded, to improve, racial equality, to be shot dead, to be full of, to be worth a million, to be mentally ill, a fit of madness, sadness, to be famous for, a preacher, sunflower.

A famous person - знаменитый человек /выдающийся деятель;
to be born - родиться;
to give civil rights to - предоставить гражданские права кому-то;
violent - насильственный;
non-violent - ненасильственный;
to support - поддерживать;
equal rights - равные права;
to be awarded - быть награжденным;
to improve - улучшить;
racial equality - расовое равенство;
to be shot dead - быть застреленным;
to be full of - быть полным чего-то;
to be worth a million - стоить миллион;
to be mentally ill - быть душевно (психически больным);
a fit of madness - приступ (припадок) безумия;
sadness - печаль;
to be famous for - быть знаменитым чем-то;
a preacher - проповедник;
sunflower - подсолнух.

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Famous People.

Martin Luther King

          He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After becoming a minister at a Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, Dr King started working for the campaign to give civil rights to black people. Some leaders approved of violent protest but King was a strong believer in non-violent demonstration. In 1963, Dr. King led more than 200,000 people in a peaceful march to Washington in support of equal rights and at the Lincoln Memorial he made his famous speech beginning with the words "I have a dream…" In 1964 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Although the position of black people improved, racial equality remained a dream King was shot dead in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968.

Vincent Van Gogh

          Nobody has ever paint cornfields or sunflowers like Van Gogh. His paintings are full of colour and sunlight. Today his paintings are worth millions of pounds but in his lifetime he sold only one.
          Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853. He did not start painting until he was twenty-seven, ten years before he died. Before becoming a painter, he was a teacher, an art dealer and a church preacher.
          In 1886 he left Holland and joined his younger brother, Theo, who was working in Paris at that time. After living there for two years, he moved to the warmer climate of Aries in the south of France. Here he painted some of his most famous pictures.
          However, Van Gogh was mentally ill. During one of his fits of madness he attacked his friend, the artist Paul Gauguin. In another fit of madness, Van Gogh cut off part of his own ear. Eventually he went into a mental hospital but he did not get any better.
          Finally, on Sunday 27th July 1890, in the small village of Auvers, north of Paris, Vincent Van Gogh took a gun, went into a cornfield and shot himself. When his brother Theo arrived, he said: "I hope I did it properly." Thirty-six hours later Van Gogh died in his brother's arms. His last Words were "La tristesse durera." (The sadness will continue.)

James Cook
(1728 - 1779).

          He was born in Marton, Yorkshire. Captain Cook was one of the most accomplished British navigators in history. On his first expedition to the Pacific, he sailed around New Zealand and "discovered" the eastern coast of Australia, where he landed at Botany Bay (south of Sydney) in 1770. He came back via the Cape of Good Hope. On his third voyage to the Pacific, Cook went to Hawaii. He wanted to be friendly with the natives but they didn't understand him and killed him.

Bruce Lee
(1940 - 1973).

          He was born in San Francisco; California. Bruce Lee Hsaio Loong was a son of a Chinese father and a European mother. They returned to Hong Kong when Bruce was three and in the next eight years he acted in seventeen films! He began studying kung-fu and eventually became the greatest kung-fu performer in the world. In 1958, back in America, he started to give kung-fu lessons. Then Lee got a star role in a film called - The Big Boss. The film was a sensational success because of the terrific fight scenes. His last and most popular film, Enter the Dragon, was made in 1973. Later that year, Bruce Lee died in mysterious circumstances.

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