Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text written in the Passive Voice.
A Skillful Piece of Work.
Once Birmingham and Sheffield, two of the largest towns in England, began to quarrel. The quarrel started as each of them claimed to be able to produce the most skillful piece of work.A special jury was chosen to decide which city would show the greatest skill.

The day arrived. A steel spider with long thin legs was produced by representatives of Sheffield. The spider was made by the best workers. It was as small as a pea. It ran about on the table as if it were alive. A wonderful mechanism had been put in that little body. Everybody was sure that the first place would be given to Sheffield.

Then a sewing needle was laid on the table by representatives of Birmingham. A smile appeared on the lips of the jury when the needle was noticed.Then the top of the needle was screwed off and 4 needles were drawn out, one from another.

The first needle, as it was, had been the case of the four other needles. The needles were handed over to each member and examined with great interest.
In whose favour did the jury decide?
Write the correct words into each sentence.
1.  The spider was  .
2.  A wonderful mechanism had been put in  .
3.  Then the top of the needle was screwed off and 4 needles
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