Условие задания:

5 Б.
Complete the sentences using the information in the brackets. Use the past perfect in negative sentences. Study the example.
We ate at a restaurant last night because I ____________ (buy) anything for dinner.
We ate at a restaurant last night because I had not bought (hadn't bought) anything for dinner.
Write only one option (one form).
1.  I saw him because he  (not/leave) for work.
2.  Tamsin was happy to see John again. They  (not/meet) for a long time.
3.  She  (not/iron) her blouse. She looked a mess.
4.  Derrick was very tired. He  (not/sleep) at all.
5.The house didn't fall down. Luckily, the termites  (not/eat) all the floors as originally thought.
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