Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue and write the correct prepositions.
Paul and Aimee talk about how often they look at digital content and if they can go without it.
1. Paul: Ah, it’s quite embarrassing, really, if I’m honest, I check it a lot. I really do, like I’m always having to look at Facebook, my emails. I’m looking at the football news online… yeah, I mean ….It’s not something that I’m proud    ; but it’s something that, yeah, it’s quite a big part of my life, I think.
2. Aimee: Ahh, I check my phone thousands of times a day… To exaggerate, did I say thousands? I check it too much, I think, far too much. If I left my home, I would feel gutted. I would feel like I’m really, really missing something. It would definitely be a big, big pull, I think. I read a lot of things   the internet and I check things and, and yeah.
3. Aimee: Uhm, yeah. I don’t know if I could. I always have to cut down before going cold turkey, I think, I’ve got to cut down. I’m trying to cut down. You know, I mentioned   , I’m trying to get back into reading uhm, just get back into real books instead of screen time.
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