Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text «We can do a lot of things!» (Прочитай текст «Мы можем многое делать!»)
My name is Billy. I am eight years old. I can speak English very well now. I like English a lot and think that it is a useful language. I have got a big family.
Sarah, my mother, can cook dinner very well. And I usually have dinner at home. I eat soup, chicken or fish and potatoes. I drink orange juice or tea with lemon. After dinner I do my homework. I write and read a lot. In the evening I walk, play video games or listen to music.
Peter, my father, can work hard. Emily, my sister, can dance and sing songs. Bingo, our dog, can swim, jump and run fast. Amy is my little sister. She is a baby and she can cry and sleep. George is my grandfather. He can ride a bike.  Nelly is my grandmother. She can clean our rooms and watch TV.
We like to do a lot of things!
Write yes, no, doesn't say. (Напиши yes, no, doesn't say.)

1. I can speak English very well now.
Answer: .
2. Bingo, our dog, can swim, jump and run fast.
Answer: .
3. Emily, my sister, can play video games or listen to music.
Answer: .
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