Выражения, обозначающие время, в косвенной речи изменяются следующим образом:
now — then, at that time;
today — that day;
tonight — that night;
yesterday — the day before;
tomorrow — the next day;
this week — that week;
last week — the week before;
next week — the next/following week;
two days ago — two days before.
‘I sent the letter two days ago,’ Peter said. — Peter said that he had sent the letter two days before.
‘We are going to cut the grass today,’ mother said. — Mother said that they were going to cut the grass that day.
Ann said, ‘My friend will come tomorrow.’ — Ann said that her friends would come the next/following day.
Изменяются также другие слова:
here — there;
so, such — very.
‘We are planning to stay here tonight,’ Mary said. — Mary said that they were planning to stay there that night.
‘It’s so interesting!’ Ann said. — Ann said that it was very interesting.