Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
— Hey, Beca!

— Hi, Jenny! Jenny, what do you think of our school time? We're leaving for college soon, will you miss school?

— Yes! I've really enjoyed school. It's not only a place to study, it's a place where I can hang out with friends and have fun. I love it. Except tests and homework, of course — they're timewasters.

— Totally agree with you. The teachers don't give us enough freedom.

Yes. Teaching is probably one of the most difficult jobs. You need to have so many professional skills as well as so-called soft skills. You need to love children, be patient and hard-working. You need to be a real troubleshooter and to be socially and emotionally intelligent.

Agree. But, unfortunately, not all the teachers are truly committed to their work. A lot of them don't even like their job at all.

Yeah, that's sad. And teachers can be so biased! For example, I have straight As in Physics and I really want to be a nuclear scientist. But my teacher is always saying that boys are better at Physics and Maths and girls should think about Literature more.

Too bad! I'm sure you'll prove him wrong very soon.
— Me too. Thanks.
Match the parts. Write the correct variant:
The first part:
1. You need to be a real troubleshooter and to be socially and emotionally 
2. Totally 
3. And teachers can be so 
The second part:

1) will you miss school?
2) hang out with friends and have fun.
3) timewasters.
4)  agree with you.
5) enough freedom.
6) so-called soft skills.
7) patient and hard-working.
8) intelligent.
9) committed to their work.
10) biased!
11) nuclear scientist.
12) prove him wrong very soon.
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