Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text “New things”.
Talking Cone

People just don't notice signs. But don't worry — if you use the Talking Cone, you'll get everyone's attention. This amazing invention looks like an ordinary cone, but it has a flashing light on top and a microchip that records sound.

If someone walks near the cone, it will call out a message. It says things like “please mind the step" or "careful — wet floor" No more accidents, no more injuries. The Talking Cone guarantees safety.
Dog Doorbell
Every dog owner knows what a problem it is to wipe off dirty pawprints off the door when a dog tries to come back home. There is a solution — the dog doorbell, a gadget that helps your pet to let you know it's already back or wants to go outside, almost like human!
Your dog presses a button or a pedal with the paw and the bell rings.
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