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3 Б.
Read the text about school safety training.
The School Safety Training Unit provides an educational foundation for all School Safety Personnel in the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective safety professionals.
The School Safety Training Unit is a service oriented unit; its primary purpose is to enhance the quality of education by providing a safe and secure environment in New York City’s public schools.
The School Safety Training Unit provides training for the School Safety Division in the following:
• Entry Level Recruit Training
• Promotional Training
• Reinstatement Training
• In-Service Training
• Command Level Training
Entry Level Recruit Training

Newly hired School Safety Recruits will be assigned to the Police Academy for a period of seventeen weeks and enrolled in the "NYPD School Safety Officer Course." Training topics will include but are not limited to: Children & Adolescents, Tactical Communication, Law, Police Science, Behavioral Science, and Physical Training & Tactics.
Upon graduation, they will be assigned to work within the New York City Public School System to carry out the responsibilities of providing safety and security to students, administration, and faculty in a working collaboration with the Department of Education.
Promotional Training

Promotional training is designed to prepare first and second level supervisors to perform the activities required to oversee the productivity and progress of employees, who report directly to them and develop skills to become effective supervisors and leaders.
Reinstatement Training

The Reinstatement Course is designed to provide necessary instructions for reinstated members of the School Safety Division who are returning to duty from an extended leave of absence.
In-Service Training

The School Safety Training Unit develops and conducts training based on the needs of and in collaboration with the School Safety Division.
Command Level Training

The School Safety Training Unit in collaboration with the School Safety Division’s Training Liaison determine applicable command level training material for dissemination to School Safety personnel.
Fill in the phrases:
1. education by providing a   environment
2. required to oversee the   and progress of employees
3. determine   level training material
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