Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "About subjects. Writing".
My favorite subject in school is writing. When you write, anything is possible. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Writing also is an important skill to communicate with.

There are many types of writing. An author could write fiction, nonfiction, documentaries, biographies and poetry. There are also many other forms of writing other than books, like letters, writing in diaries, newspaper and magazine articles, and manuals.

There are many interesting jobs a writer can have. Besides just writing books, there are news writers, speech writers, magazine articles, newspaper writers, travel writers, poets and screenwriters.

Each person’s writing is unique. It is only his or hers. It is a way of expressing feelings. When someone finishes writing something, it makes them feel good. They feel as if they’ve accomplished something. Writing really is artwork in written form.

The best part of all is that the written word lasts forever!
Choose true or false:
1. The writer’s favorite subject in school is reading.
2. The author says that each person’s writing is standard.
3. The writer thinks that the written word doesn’t last forever.
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