Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Mobile phones".

Mobile (or cell) phones are becoming an extremely popular electronic device and sometimes they are even replacing house phones. They are also becoming more technologically advanced: most can take and send pictures and videos and connect to the Internet. Mobile phones can be used to look up weather or answers to questions on search engines. Many children are becoming mobile phone owners. But we should be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of mobiles.

Let us start with the advantages of buying a mobile for a child. First of all, many mobile phones allow access to the Internet, which can help a child to find answers to questions very quickly and easily. This can help with studies and other simple questions like daily weather or finding directions to go to some place.

Secondly, some mobile phones have tracking devices. So parents can track where their child is at any moment, to know that he/she is safe.

Thirdly, mobile phones can be a learning tool for children. There are many applications that can help to learn new words or simply train your memory.
And last but not least, mobile phones allow parents and children to stay in touch. Mobile phones can be important in emergency situations or when a parent needs to quickly get in touch with a child or vice versa.

At the same time there are certain disadvantages in mobile phones usage. It is cheating. Students can text answers under their desks during tests. Some students try to find answers to test questions on the Internet using their phones.

Moreover, mobile phones can be very distracting from important events in a student's life such as studying, doing homework, or even crossing the street.

All in all, mobile phones have already become an important part of our daily life and communication. We just have to use them wisely.

Write true, false, doesn’t say:
1. Many children have mobile phones.
2. The writer thinks that we need new technologies for children.
3. Children won’t have TV sets.
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