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3 Б.
Read the text “Travelling... What for?”
Рис. \(1\). Airport
Thousands people around the world are fond of travelling and look forward to the nearest opportunity to go someplace.
Why do people love travelling so much? What are the reasons? Tourists enjoy gaining new experience through visiting various countries and landmarks, natural attractions, meeting different people, trying new food. Travelling is a way to remove yourself from routine and to look at life different. It's a chance to become free from usual surroundings and realise what is important in life.
Tourism is connected to the hotel industry, the hospitality industry and the transport industry. The main goal of the whole travel industry is to keep tourists happy and busy.
There are numerous types of travelling and everyone can find something to their liking.
Well, not everyone is a keen fan of travelling. The reasons vary: somebody just loves their comfort zone, doesn't want to go too far from home, or afraid of flying, for example. Well, that's perfectly okay, because all people are not the same.
Anyway, travelling is a great way to see the world through new eyes, to admire new places and people and broaden the mind.
Write four words into the gaps:
1. It's a chance to become  and realise what is important in life.
2. Tourism is connected   , the hospitality industry and the transport industry.
3. Well, not everyone is a  .
Рис. 1. Airport. Pixabay License CC0. Free for commercial use No attribution required. https://pixabay.com/images/id-2373727/ (Дата обращения 11.10.2021)
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