Условие задания:

1,5 Б.
Read this text about rules in the summer camp and choose 'true' or 'false'.
Welcome to our summer camp “Sunshine”!

Please, read and remember our rules and your holidays will be wonderful!
You don’t have to register every day in the camp. You have to do it only on the first day of your stay.

You mustn’t make noise after 10 pm.

You mustn’t put your posters on the walls in the bedroom. It’s not allowed in our camp.

You mustn’t bring food and drinks in your bedroom. Keep your room clean.

You must get up at 7 am every day. You will have some physical exercises in the morning.

You have to make your bed every morning.

You must come to the canteen on time. Don’t be late.

You mustn’t come to the canteen barefoot.

You have to wash your hands before meals.

You don’t have to bring a camera. We have some cameras in the camp.

You needn’t take part in all activities.

You needn’t remove food from the canteen. We have special staff for it.
1. Children have to get up at 5 am every day.
2. Children must come to the canteen on time.
3. Children don’t have to bring a camera.
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