Условие задания:

4 Б.
Put the verbs in the brackets into the past perfect or past simple. Choose the correct answer.
1)  I was very exhausted after finishing my work, so I (go) ____ straight to bed.
2)   I went to the car park to get my car and I found that somebody (steal) ____ it.
3)  Everybody (leave) ____ the house by the time I came home.
4)  These shoes were very clean because our housemaid (clean) ____ them.
5)  The doctor examined her leg and (find) ____ that she had broken it.
6)  I was frightened because the police (come) ____ for my sister.
7)  I couldn't get in because I (lose) ____ my keys.
8)  I told him I didn't know who (steal) ____ his pen.
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