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1. Past Continuous. Use
2. Past continuous. Formation and exceptions Formation and exceptions.


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1. '-ing' forms. Change the verbs into the past continuous 2 вид - интерпретация среднее 4 Б. Write down the following verbs in their -ing form. Mind the exceptions in spelling.
2. 'To be'. Multiple-choice. Choose the correct form of 'to be' 2 вид - интерпретация лёгкое 4 Б. Choose the correct past form of ‘to be’ to complete the sentences.
3. Positive sentences. Multiple-choice 2 вид - интерпретация среднее 3 Б. Choose the correct past continuous sentence which is made from the words given.
4. Negative sentences. Writing 2 вид - интерпретация сложное 5 Б. Writing. Write negative sentences in past continuous using the given words.
5. Questions. Fill in the blanks to complete the questions 2 вид - интерпретация сложное 10 Б. Choose words from the table to complete the questions, you also have to add the correct form of "to be"
6. Questions with interrogatives 2 вид - интерпретация сложное 4 Б. Read the sentences and ask for the information. Remember to use past continuous. Don't forget to use a question mark at the end of each question.
7. Past continuous. Multiple-choice and sentence formation 2 вид - интерпретация среднее 3 Б. Multiple-choice questions. Subject: Past verb tenses - Past Continuous (Progressive)
8. Past Continuous (changing verbs) 2 вид - интерпретация сложное 5 Б. Complete the sentences in past continuous using was/were and one of the verbs from the table.
9. Listening. Fill in the blanks 2 вид - интерпретация среднее 9 Б. Listen to a song by John Lennon "Jealous Guy" and fill in the blanks.


Номер Название Рекомендованное время: Сложность Баллы Описание
1. Check your understanding of the past continuous 00:15:00 среднее 30 Б.