Условие задания:

3,5 Б.
Listen to the text " Fashion Sense". Curtis talks with Spencer about her sense of style and the clothes she likes to wear.   
Write the words that you will hear.
1. Spencer: That's so true, I hate heels, I cannot wear heels. Half of it's confidence though, like I don't like being particularly taller than a lot of people, it just kind of makes me unconfident. But   and then like you see a really tall person wearing a pair of heels, and you know, shoulders high like super, super confident and they look great.
2. Curtis: Right. Sometimes I find that with men's dress shoes  , sometimes they're really narrow and my feet are a little bit wide and so you get these really long and pointed dress shoes that narrow towards the toes.
3. Spencer: I got lucky, I have tiny feet, so   I walk into a shoe store my size happens to be the one that's on display.
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