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3 Б.
Read the text about ecological problems in the world. 
Ecological problems are causing great damage to our environment. Among the most urgent ones are the ozone layer, acid rains, global warming, toxic pollution of atmosphere, disappearance of forests, contamination of underground waters by chemical elements, destruction of soil in some areas, and threat to some flora and fauna representatives.

The Earth is the home to millions of different kinds of living things, which make up the complex world of nature. Nowadays people try to change their habitats to suit their own needs – to create farmlands or build cities. They create pollution and destroy wildlife habitats by digging the ground up for mining, or by building roads through them. A quarter of all the plants in the world are known to be in a danger or threatened with extinction. There are different types of pollution: water pollution, air pollution, ground pollution and nuclear pollution.

Acid rain falls when poisonous gases from power stations and vehicle exhausts mix with oxygen and moisture in the air. These gases may go far with the wind and finally fall as acid rain killing wildlife.
The temperature is rising. This process is called global warming. It occurs when carbon dioxide and other air pollutants collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation. The planet surface and the atmosphere is warming up and glaciers and sea ice are melting. This makes sea levels increase and a lot of natural environments giving home to many species can submerge under water in the future.

Ecological problems have no borders. However, environment disasters can be avoided if people broaden ecological education and every person understands that the beauty of nature is extremely fragile. Governments must take serious actions against pollution.
Choose true or false:
1. The Earth is the home to millions of different kinds of living things.
2. People never create pollution and destroy wildlife habitats.
3. Acid rain falls when harmful gases from power stations mix with oxygen an moisture in the air.
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