Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Social Connections". Alex and Katia talk about using social media and how it affects their lives.
Write the words that you will hear. Fill in the gaps.
1. Katia: It has really become an issue hasn't it? You can get lost from what is actually happening around you and live in a virtual world so I'm actually a little bit   that, about what is happening and how we live our lives and how we present ourselves to others. I believe that it should be handled differently than it has up to now so maybe you're doing good by closing or, you know, thinking about it at least.
2. Alex: Sometimes if you don't   on Facebook, it seems that you didn't do anything so I don't know it's just weird.
3. Alex: I am more   with people that I haven't been in touch with for the last ten years let's say. Like all my friends from elementary school that I wasn't really in touch and everybody's now on Facebook and now everybody is updated on what I'm doing or why I do this, what I'm going to do on next vacation, what about my plans for anything so that's a good thing I think. It really depends on how much importance you give to it.

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