Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "It is great to be a teenager".

I think that the teenage years are the most wonderful years in our life. At this age we start a new adult life. We get more and more freedom. We can go to parties, discos, cafes, etc. We can have a lot of fun with our friends. At this age we start dating. It’s really cool. To my mind, romantic relations play an important role in our lives. Teenagers fall in love for the first time. It’s a real event! Sometimes they suffer when it’s unrequited love, but other times the affectionate feeling is shared by both. What a great experience! It might seem naive at first, but I feel sorry for people who have never fallen in love, no matter how long it lasted.
We can start travelling around the world if our parents can afford it and give us some money for the trip. Then it’s possible to have an unforgettable experience visiting different places and meeting new people. Some students from our school have visited England, Malta and other countries where they have taken courses of the English language. It was great.
Of course, now teenagers have a lot more to worry about than their parents did. Violence, alcohol, drugs and AIDS cases are increasing. Still I think that the teenage years are the best time of your life and you will never experience anything like that when you are a middle-aged person.
According to the survey carried out in our class, twelve people think that it’s exciting to be a teenager. Four people think it’s fun, three people - it’s great, two people - it’s a chore, one person - it’s romantic, one person - it’s not easy, one person - it’s dangerous, one person - it’s fearful. To sum it up, we can say that most teenagers in our class are not pessimistic about their teenage years. They find it exciting to live in our neighbourhood and study in our school.
Some other students have problems with their studies and parents, but they don’t think that it spoils their lives completely. Those students who believe it’s dangerous and fearful to be a teenager are very much concerned about the problems of our society. They feel unprotected and uncertain about their future, I think we should take into consideration their concerns. We should help our classmates who have problems. So, in my opinion, if teenagers have a sober mind, they won’t get into trouble.

Write 4 words into each gap.
1. Some students from our school have visited England, Malta and other countries where   of the English language.
2. They find it exciting to  and study in our school.
3. So, in my opinion, if   mind, they won’t get into trouble.
И.Кусунько, Е.С. Музланова. Английский язык. Все устные темы для подготовки к выпускному экзамену - Москва: Астрель, 479с.
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