Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text about Leela and her family. (Прочитай текст о Лила и ее семье)
My name is Leela Jaffray and I'm seventeen. I’m from Mumbai, India. There are five people in my family: my father, mother, two brothers and me. My parents are called Anand and Ramya. My father has got his own restaurant. My brothers, Ravi and Vijay, are teachers. And me? Well, I'm a student at Vijay's school - and I love cricket! In fact, we all love sports in my family! Our favourite food is vegetables! My family and I would love to welcome you into our home.
Help the fairy to choose the right ending (Помоги фее выбрать правильную концовку):
1. I’m from Mumbai,   .
2. In fact, we all love sports in my   !
3. Our favourite food is   !
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Upstream Beginner.- Express Publishing: Newbury, 151c.
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