Условие задания:

3,5 Б.
Read the text «Annie's toys». (Прочитай текст «Игрушки Энни»).
Hello! My name is Аnnie. I have got many toys. I have got many dolls, two balls, three ballerinas, and a musical box. Also I have got many blocks. My blocks are green, yellow and red. They are on the floor. I have got a kite. It is very beautiful. I have got many puppets. They are in the box. My teddy bear is on the shelf. My tea set is very nice. It is in the cupboard. I like to play with my toys.
Read the sentences and write yes or no without full stops. (Прочитай предложения и напиши yes или no без точек).

1. I have got many balls, two dolls, three puppets, and a robot.
2. My balls are green, yellow and red.
3. My toy soldier is very nice. It is in the cupboard.
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