Условие задания:

4 Б.
Complete the text with prepositions. Put ‘\(-\)’ if the preposition is not needed.
(Заполни пропуски предлогами. Вставь «\(-\)», если предлог не нужен.)
At, on, in, since, for, until, from, during, after, to, before, with, of.
I wake up (1)  about  \(7\).\(30\) (2)  the week, but much later (3) Saturdays.

(4) I wake up, I move very fast. In fact, I’m very good (5) the mornings. I only need \(20\) minutes (6) the time my alarm rings (7) the time I leave the house. I don’t have breakfast (8) home; I have to wait (9) I arrive (10) the office for a cup (11) coffee.

I start work (12)  \(9\).\(00\) and work (13) \(4\) hours. (14) lunchtime, I often sit (15) the park and read while I am eating my sandwiches. (16) going back to the office, I do some shopping. The afternoon passes very quickly. I work (17)  \(6\) o’clock and then I go (18) home. I’ve been working for the same company (19) \(2005\).

(20) the evenings, I usually watch (21)  TV or maybe go out for dinner (22) some friends. I don’t go (23)  bed late because I have to get up for work (24)  the next day. (25) the weekends, my routine is very different.
H. Naylor, R. Murphy. Essential Grammar in Use. Supplementary Exercises. — Cambridge University Press, 1996.
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