Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the text "College". Shawn talks about his life in college.
Match the parts of the sentences. Write the correct number:
The first part:
1. Just because I'm the only guy in the class,  
2. Some girls cannot float around the classroom and talk to other girls because I'm the only guy in that class it seems that they want the attention  
3. It's a very good experience, it's, how-should-I-say, it's, I'd say it's made me a better person,  
The second part:
1) you're the only male student.
2) I signed up for the program.
3) girls that were in the class.
4) all these women.
5) maybe a bit more sensitive to their feelings.
6) attention though!
7) it doesn't matter.
8) anybody you want.
9) regardless if they don't like you or not.
10) attention.
11) that female teachers?
12) be and I don't like doing it, so.
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