Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue about King Henry VIII.

— Hi!

— Hello! I haven’t seen you for ages. Last time I saw you we spoke about King Henry VIII.

— Yes, but we talked only about his positive features, and he was a terrible and cruel king.

— I know that he executed anyone who disagreed with him, including his two wives.

— When he became King, the country was catholic and was controlled by the Pope in Rome. When the Pope didn’t let Henry get divorced from his first wife, Henry made himself head of the church in England and gave himself the divorce he wanted.

— And then he closed all the monasteries and nunneries in England and took all the money from the monks and nuns. He threw all of them out onto the streets to beg and gave their monasteries to his friends for fine houses.
— And this time in Britain was called the Reformation!

— It’s a pity! Let’s hope that such things won’t be repeated.

— Let’s hope for the best. Bye.

— Bye-bye.
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