Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Future life".
What will the world be like 100 years from today? In my opinion, a lot of what we see in science fiction films will come true.

I think that there will be flying cars which people will park on top of buildings. If this happens, there won't be any more traffic jams! Tourism in space will be very popular and space shuttles will take people on exciting holidays to the Moon. I believe that most houses will be environmentally friendly, as we’ll only use alternative sources of energy like wind and solar power. In the future, I think robots will do most of our housework, so life will be easier. There will be robot teachers, too, and children will take laptop computers to school instead of books.

No one really knows what the future holds for our life on Earth. All we need to do is be optimistic. After all, as Albert Einstein once said, I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."

Write true, false, doesn’t say:
1. The writer hopes that most houses will be environmentally friendly.
2. There will be robot teachers.
3. The writer is afraid of future.
Jenny Dooley,Virginia Evans. Blockbuster 2. – Newbury: Express Publishing, p.152
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