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3 Б.
Read the text "Club culture in Britain".

Going to nightclubs, or “clubbing” as it called, is very popular in Britain. From the age of about fifteen young people like to go clubbing at the weekend. Usually friends meet in the evening and go to a pub or a cafe, or just sit at home and chat. Then, late in the evening, after 10 pm, they travel to the centre of the town and wait in a queue outside the nightclub. The clubs are usually special buildings with a big space inside for dancing. Some clubs only play one kind of music, but most have different music on different nights. There is a chill¬out room in the club. It is for people who are tired of dancing. They can relax there.
When you go clubbing, you need a special outfit. And it’s very hot there so you should wear light clothes that are easy to dance in. It’s a good idea to come to the club in a taxi and also order a taxi to take you home. It’s very expensive, but teens usually share the fare. There is usually a bar there. If you want beer or cocktail, the barman must check your identification. You have to prove you are old enough to drink. If you are under eighteen, you can’t drink. The legal age is eighteen.
There are often “undereighteens” nights. Normally you must be eighteen to get into a club. At the door one can usually see a bouncer. On a normal night he checks the identification of all the clubbers as they enter the club. You need to show a card with a photograph, like a driver’s license. The bouncer also collects the cover charge from the clubbers. A teen usually spends about forty pounds on a night out, including the taxi home.
Write true or false:
1. Going to nightclubs is very popular in Britain.
2. It’s a bad idea to come to the club in a taxi and also order a taxi to take you home.
3. The writer says that normally you must be eighteen to get into a club.
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