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3 Б.
Read the text "Learning foreign languages".

Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular in our country. It’s not surprising because Russia is now part of Europe and the whole world. Very little clear and detailed communication can occur among people who don’t have a common language. Besides learning foreign languages helps us to gain a better appreciation of our own language.

It goes without saying that English is the most popular foreign language now. There are many reasons for its popularity. It has become the standard language for all kinds of international communication. The English language has become the world’s top tongue and I think it is going to become a global language, dominating the world’s trade, computers and media.

On the other hand, we should not forget the cultural value of our native language. It’s a pity that many young people in order to make a fortune choose a foreign language for communication and leave their identity behind. That results in language extinction and this process takes place nearly everywhere in the world.
According to various linguists, half of the world’s languages will die out during the next century. On the one hand, it’s not bad as people’s communication will become easier, but on the other hand, language extinction is a disaster because it reduces the diversity of our planet which is the key to our survival. I think that larger cultures should have a respect for minority languages, but first of all the younger generation must want to preserve their native language.
Nowadays English is the most popular foreign language in Russia. If you know English, you can get a better job, more money and people will respect you more. As for me, I learn English because it expands my horizons and prepares me for a successful career. Besides, English attracts me because it’s the language of business and computers. English is also very useful when you travel abroad. More than that, it’s a good exercise for the intellect, though, of course, it’s a tricky language to learn because there seems to be more exceptions than rules.

Some students think that being able to communicate is the most important in learning a language and they do not care that they make many mistakes in speaking. In my opinion, the efficient. Language learner should be concerned with both communicating and accuracy. In addition, the good language learner is independent, organized and active.
In my opinion, learning foreign languages is extremely beneficial. I would also like to learn Spanish. It will help me to get a job in the tourist industry, as so many people go on holiday to Spain. I would also like to expand my knowledge of Spanish customs and traditions.
To sum up, I believe that knowledge of foreign languages helps to make a person educated and well-rounded. It is not only the language that counts but also the fact that it is a way of getting to know different cultures. You can’t broaden your mind if you see the world only from the perspective of your own culture.
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