Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "English today".

The English language is now the first language of about 400 million people, the native language of 12 nations and the official or semi-official language of 33 more nations. That means one in every seven people in the world speaks English. English is the first 'world language'. At present no other language is better suited to play the role of a world language.
There are many reasons for its popularity. English is so widespread nowadays because it has become the standard language for all kinds of international communication. It is the language of businesspeople and scientists, politicians and diplomats, sportsmen and singers. The English language has become the world’s top tongue and I think that it is going to become a global language, dominating the world’s trade, computers and media.
Nowadays English is the most popular language in Russia. If you are interested in science, business or literature, you can always read the latest reports in English and learn the latest information. If you know English, you can enjoy foreign films and foreign music. More than that, it is very useful when you travel abroad. You can communicate better if you know English. Besides, English is easier to learn than any other languages.
There are a lot of useful learning strategies such as reading English books, using a cassette recorder or watching English films. But in my opinion, the best way of learning a language is to practice a lot. Today we have an opportunity to go to an English-speaking country and to talk to native speakers.
As for me, I learn English because I like this language. It is one of my favourite subjects at school. I have been learning English for 5 years and I hope I am rather good at it now. Besides, I want to travel around the world and communicate with different people.
I can’t imagine my future life without English. I haven’t chosen my future profession yet, but it goes without saying that I won’t be able to do without English when I grow up. English is a must for every educated person. I am sure it will help me in my life.
Write true, false, doesn’t say:
1. The writer thinks that English is more difficult to learn than any other languages.
2. The speaker believes that the best way of learning a language is to practice a lot.
3. The writer learn English because it is important in the future.
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