Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue:
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— Do you know that thousands words in the English dictionary aren’t English at all — they come from other languages?

— Sure, I know about it. Some words are from Latin (video), some are from Spanish (macho), some from French (rendezvous) and other languages. I’ve read about it.

— But now English words have started to become a part of other languages too. In France this new vocabulary is called “Franglais”. Every year there are more and more Franglais words. Some experts say that 5% of day-to-day French vocabulary now comes from English.

— I like Franglais. It’s fun! It’s very easy, modern and easy to understand too. Some older people don’t like it, but that’s their problem, not ours. They don’t like the modern world, that’s all. They want to live in the past.

— I share your opinion. Every language borrows new words. It happens all the time. Without new words languages can’t grow and change. I’m not afraid of Franglais. It’s normal.

— Lets continue our discussion later. I’m in a hurry now. Bye.

— Bye-bye. See you later.
Fill in the gaps:
1. In   this new vocabulary is called “Franglais”.
2. Every year there are more and more Franglais   .
3. Without new words languages can’t   .
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