Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "New house". Kerri has a new house. She talks about her new living situation.

Todd: Keri, I heard you have a new house.

Keri: Yes, I do.
Todd: Oh, so what's your new house like?
Keri: It's small, it's old. It's mostly wooden in the inside. It has two bedrooms and a balcony of those rooms. Downstairs, there's like a living room area and a tatami mat room, kitchen, bathroom.
Todd: Wow, so do you live in the tatami mat room?
Keri: No, there are two tatami mat rooms. There's one upstairs and there's one downstairs and I don't live in either. One we use as kind of a spare room and the other one is my roommate's bedroom.
Todd: Oh, OK. So you have a roommate?
Keri: Yes.
Todd: What's it like having a roommate?
Keri: It's good. I like living alone too but sometimes it's nice to come home and have someone there. My roommate gets home before I do and she likes to cook so often she's cooked dinner for me.
Todd: Wow, that's nice.
Keri: I know.
Todd: Well, you do all the cleaning?
Keri: Now that you mention it, I do a lot of the cleaning but not all of it.
Todd: Oh, OK. Well, what kind of things does she make you?
Keri: Last night she made curry. I think it was an Indian curry, tomato-base.
Todd: Spicy?
Keri: Yes.
Todd: Cool. Thanks a lot, Keri.
Keri: You're welcome.
Fill in the gaps:
1. Keri: No, there are two tatami mat   .
2. Todd: What's it like having a  ?
3. Todd: Oh, OK. Well, what kind   does she make you?
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