Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue about activities in the past and now.

Bill: Is that a new painting? Seventeenth century, isn't it?

Tim: Yes, I bought it last week. It's not an original, though!

Bill: Can you imagine living in those days?

Tim: Yes, I'm sure life was tough without electricity, telephones, washing machines ...

Bill: And I bet it used to take days just to travel from one place to another.

Tim: Yeah, imagine - no cars, trains or planes, just coaches.

Bill: At least there was no pollution in those days.

Tim: That's true. Rivers were clean, and the air was pure.

Bill: You know, maybe life wasn't so bad back then, after all!

Fill in the gaps:
1. It's not an   , though!
2. Bill: At least there was no   in those days.
3. Bill: You know, maybe life wasn't so   then, after all! 
Virginia Evans, Neil O'Sullivan Click on 2. - Newbury: Express Publishing, 166c.
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