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3 Б.
Read the text «Ancient Russian cities».
Nearly all Russian cities and towns have a lot of historic architectural monuments, such as Russian orthodox churches, cathedrals and monasteries. They are valuable symbols of ancient Russian culture. The most attractive city for foreign tourists is Moscow. There is a lot to see in the capital but the most important place to visit is the Kremlin.
Here visitors can admire beautiful cathedrals, built in the \(15\)th century, visit the Faceted Palace and the Armoury, and get a fantastic view of the city from the top of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, which is the composition centre of the entire Kremlin. There are quite a lot of other examples of ancient Russian architecture outside the Kremlin, such as St. Bazil’s Cathedral, Novodevichy Convent and Pokrova Church in Fili.
Moscow’s attraction for tourists is not only its historical sites but the fact that it’s a modern city with hundreds of museums and galleries, theatres and restaurants. In my opinion, it’s impossible to be bored in Moscow, but if you want to enjoy some fresh sightseeing impressions, you may visit two major towns of the «Golden Ring of Russia», Suzdal and Vladimir.
Upon your arrival in Suzdal you will find yourself in a fairy-tale world. The town has a kremlin, a convent, two monasteries, dozens of churches, dating from the \(12\)th to the \(18\)th centuries and a nearly \(200\)-year-old shopping arcade with traditional iron signs outside the shops. There are no high buildings here. The city is like an extended village of wooden houses, with lace curtains and geraniums in the windows. Vladimir attracts tourists by the severe architecture of its white stone cathedrals and churches. The most famous of them are Dormition Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Demetrius and Pokrova Church on the Nerl.
These two towns are like two islands of beauty in a sea of mediocrity. Yet, there are very few foreign visitors there. Why? They are scared off by the lack of comfortable hotels, coaches, good roads with road signs and well-trained guides. Besides, some of the architectural monuments have become ruined by time and really have to be renovated. But local authorities usually lack funds and it restricts the possibilities for developing tourism in these towns. It goes without saying that sustainable tourism could provide good profits for local residents, especially at the height of the tourist season.
But to draw more tourists into Russian towns, we must provide good accommodation and eating facilities, build roads and parking places, develop outdoor activities and make these towns known to the public. If only Russian cities and towns could become popular tourist destinations, then they would really prosper and flourish.
Fill in the phrases:
1. impossible to be   in Moscow;
2. like two islands of   in a sea;
3. become popular   destinations.
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