Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
— There are so many stereotypes about the British. Are they all true?
— Well, I don't think so. What exactly are you talking about?
— For example, talking about the weather.
— Oh, I see. Yeah, due to changeability of the weather it's probably the most popular small talk topic. If you feel awkward or don't know how to start a conversation, go for the weather, it's a lifesaver.
— I see! What about apologizing? Do they really apologise for absolutely anything?
— That is true. I've read that the average Brit says 'sorry' around eight times a day. It's because they use the word “sorry” not only in the meaning “forgive me”. It can be “You are standing on my foot” or “Hello” or “I didn't hear what you said”. But still it's a part of being polite, I think.
— Well, that's interesting. Do they drink tea all the time?
— I guess tastes differ, but in general yes, Brits are passionate tea drinkers. They like black tea, often with milk, not the popular herbal teas. It is always polite to offer a cup of tea the person or people next to you, not to drink it alone.
Fill in the gaps:
1. There are so many  about the British.
2. Do they really   absolutely anything?
3. It is always polite to offer a cup of tea the person or people  , not to drink it alone.
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