Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
— Guess what! We’ve decided to go to the countryside tomorrow.

— It sounds great! But I am afraid your weekend won’t be fine.

— What makes you think so?

— I think there will be a storm tomorrow.

— Well, if it is stormy, we’ll stay at home. But I am sure our trip will be great!

— Are you? Why?

— The forecast is fine. I think it’ll be warm. Just have a look! It’s clearing up. I am sure it is going to be sunny. We’ll go to the forest and pick mushrooms. I particularly enjoy walking in autumn because the trees are full of beautiful colours. I think autumn is the most beautiful season.

— Not exactly. Autumn is dull and rainy. As for me, summer is the best season.

— You are absolutely right. I can’t but agree with you because we have our longest holidays in summer and we can go to the seaside and enjoy swimming in the sea.

— More than that, in summer you can go backpacking and see a lot of wonderful places.

— I quite agree with you. But does it mean that you don’t like winter?

— Not at all. Winter is not so rich in colours but it is a healthy season. You can enjoy different winter sports.

— So I think each season has its good and bad sides.
Fill in the phrases:
1. sure   will be great
2. go to the seaside and enjoy   the sea
3. that   don’t like winter
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