Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogue.
Mike: Hello, I’m looking for a place to spend my holidays. Could you offer me something interesting?

Sam: Yes, certainly. How long are you going to travel?

Mike: For about a fortnight.

Sam: Do you like active holidays or would you prefer to stay somewhere in a quiet place just to relax?

Mike: Well, I’d like to go on a sightseeing tour to Europe. I think Great Britain is the best place for it. It’s a unique country, which is worth seeing. Besides, it’s the best way to practise your English.

Sam: Which cities and towns would you advise me to visit?

Mike: I think the best way to start exploration of Great Britain is to visit London, its capital. And how much is this tour?

Sam: Well, it depends on the hotel, but the average price is about $600.

Mike: And which hotel would you advise me to stay at?

Sam: I would recommend you The New Barbican. It’s a modern hotel, comfortably furnished and the prices are quite reasonable there.

Mike: Is the hotel far from the main sights of the city? Where exactly is it?

Sam: In Central Street. It’s not far from the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Mike: Fine, that will do. Let’s sign a contract.
Write true, false, doesn’t say:
1. Sam asks Mike if he likes active holidays?
2. Mike has never been abroad.
3. Mike will go with his friends abroad.
Е.И.Кусунько, Е.С. Музланова. Английский язык. Все устные темы для подготовки к выпускному экзамену – Москва: Астрель, 479с.
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