Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "Mike's Day".

Mike talks about his day.

This morning I got up really early. I went for a jog in the park. I really don't like jogging, but our health is important and I try to jog at least three or four times every week.
After jogging, I went home, I took a shower, and I had a cup of hot coffee. Then, I cleaned my apartment. Not fun either, but I work really hard during the week. It gets very messy, so it took me about two hours to clean it.
In the afternoon, I met my friend for lunch. We went to a fast-food restaurant. I never eat breakfast, so I was really hungry. We each ate double cheeseburgers and fries. I know junk food is not that great, but I love it.
In the afternoon, we went shopping. I bought some shirts and a pair of shoes for work. I don't like to spend money on work clothes, but luckily everything was on sale.
Later that evening, I saw a movie. We saw the new Batman movie. I generally don't like Superheroes movies, but this one was great. The special effects were amazing, and the story was much more interesting than the others.
After the movie, I said goodbye to my girlfriend, went home, relaxed and read a book. It was a long day.
Write two words into the gaps:
1. I went for   in the park.
2. In the afternoon, we   .
3. I bought some shirts and a pair of shoes   .
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